Sunday, January 18, 2015

There's a New Pup in Town!

Now that the (major) holidays are over, we've slowly started posted recently completed custom items to the etsy shop, our most recent listing is this adorable dalmatian inspired puppy hat!
You can find the listing to purchase this adorable hat here.

The tutu on this little cutie was made by Ms Madeline's Tutus, and you can purchase that here. If you would please give her a like on Facebook here and let her know we sent you!
Photography was done by Once Upon a Dream Photography, who does the majority of Ms Madeline's pictures. If you would like to schedule a photo session, visit the Facebook page for Once Upon a Dream Photography here.

Great things are happening this year, so visit often here and Facebook, and be on the lookout for many exciting changes!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Giveaway Time!!

SO EXCITING!! We have our official new look for the Holidays and I love it!! Check out the blog, fb page, and Etsy shop and leave a comment below and on Bambie's Bows telling me what you think!! I will add you into a drawing for a FREE custom hat for EVERY entry submitted via comments and "favorited" shop! To get extra entries a "like" to Chrispix's Creations is a must, as well a share is always appreciated, though not required for both pages!!

Most important remember to have fun!! so "like", comment, favorite and share away!!

note: If you have any issues please let me know so I can correct it as soon as possible!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Just had to brag about Influenster a minute! ;)

             For some time now I have had the awesome privilege to try out a tons of free products from Influenster! It has given me SOOO many options for items that I use on a daily basis, to some items I have never even thought to use to help make my life easier and quicker along with smoother skin, since mine is really dry! So with that being said I'd have to say my favorite VoxBox thus far was the Jolly VoxBox for two reasons, one, new makeup...we all know this girl has no time so actually putting on make up is hard for me, but this was a fun reason to have some me time and get it done! lol Second, who doesn't like an early Christmas present and free at that?! I know I sure do :D Christmas is one of my favorite holidays because I get to see and spend so much more time with my family and enjoy each others company. Seeing their faces when they receive gifts, let along when we open gifts up is enough to make me happy all year round!

          So if you want a shot at reviewing some freebies for some awesome products head over to to get started! It is a fun site where you get so many chances to try out awesome products!

#Influenster #influensterapp

Sunday, October 5, 2014

New Beginnings and old ones renewed!

Hey guys! I know it has been a while since I last posted, but we have had sooooo much going on over the last few months! The fun part is where am I to start?!

       Lets do some exciting news first! Here in the Vasquez house hold, we found out three months ago that we are expecting baby number 3! Yes I said it, baby number 3 is on the way. We find out what we are having this coming week so keep a look out for the gender reveal and baby's first picture! <3 We are very excited for our expanding family and more than anything because, this is going to be our first baby born under covenant which is a huge deal to us! The kids are very excited as well as they announced it last week! Addy of course wants a baby sister & Angel a baby brother and my husband thinks we are having twins, which COMPLETELY disagree with lol.

       Onto some better news, we are yet again going to be moving in the next few months into a bigger home and for the first time, one we will be able to call our own! It is pretty exciting for us because this just helps us remember how blessed we are having the church in our life. I know that if we did not follow and keep our covenants that we made when we got baptized, endowed, and sealed in the temple that, these things although still attainable, have been attained the way that makes our Heavenly Father happy and able to help teach us to stay humble within our growing family.

       These next few months are going to be amazing and I could just feel that! Bambies Bows is also lifting off a little bit more this year and I am excited to announce that we have a few new creations that we will be adding to our shop for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even Christmas! I will be posting pictures of these new items this week as well as they all have been new customer orders. Any orders and creations that are purchased will be going towards the prep for the new little one on the way along with the continuation to help this momma stay home with her little ones to help give them all of what they deserve in life. As always, I appreciate everything you guys help me to achieve, whether it be blog views, fb page "likes" or asking me to make something for your little angels or even for yourselves! I do it all with love because I love to crochet just like my grandma before me.

       Anyways, stay tuned this week for our gender reveal and the little ones very first picture, along with some of my new creations for the holidays to come! I am excited to share all of this with you and I hope to speak with you all this week! <3 <3

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Colgate Optic White VoxBox!

I received this awesome product complimentary of Influenster. It comes with a whitening pen, optimum kick butt toothbrush that even has a tongue scrubber on the other side AND Optic White tooth paste! I even have some coupons for future use of this product!!

 I love colgate and nothing has worked better for me than there whitening products to get me my brightest shine. :) just have a look at the difference over just 3 days!!

So get yours today! This stuff really is amazing! :)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Influenster Jolly Vox Box!

I stumbled upon this awesome site around a month or two ago...I was invited by a friend who just loves it and I am loving it as well...When I received my first survey I immediately got to filling out the info. I patiently awaited for my chance at a box until one fall morning I finally got an email that I will be receiving my first box in the mail known as the Jolly Vox Box..having everything to do with the holidays I once again waited patiently!! When the mail man showed up with a box in his hand maybe 3 days later, I opened it and dug in!! My daughter enjoyed it as well wanting to put on the lip liquor and of course, eat the chocolate..what girl doesn't like chocolate ;)

 I considered this an early Christmas gift!! Complimentary of Influenster they sent me some sample items of NYC color trio eye shadow, Rimmel London Lip Liquor, Puffs on the go packs, Duck brand mini duckling tape and skinny cow chocolate!!

All of which are amazing!!! The chocolate was to die had peanut butter inside that literally melted in your mouth! between myself and my kids (even my son who DOES NOT like peanut butter) ate a couple of these tasty babies!! You guys should totally look for these the next time you head to the store!

The Puffs on the go pack saved my nose yesterday morning and whenever it is super cold in the morning..I have allergies and it runs from this crazy weather!! It also saved my sons little sneezing fits and I still have some to go around. it is so convenient I just plop it into the diaper bag and and ready!

The lip liquor gets used often for church and the eye shadow follows, they are both so smooth to put on and I feel easy to take off weather you make up remover or not. My baby girl had a tendency to lick off the Rimmel London Lip Liquor and wanted more and more on..I love that child!

As for the ducktape, I wondered what I would be using it for..low and behold christmas was right around the corner and this mommy forgot to buy tape -__- I did not feel like going to the store when it was so late and chilly out that I grabbed my mini ducklings duck tape and wrapped up just about all of our gifts with some left was stable and i loved the blue flower print! I suggest you guys take a look into these awesome products as they worked out so well for me and had many different uses!

Check out my pinned board on Pinterest for these great pictures of the items featured!
Pinterest <3

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Giveaway!!

Please join us in welcoming the New Year with this Giveaway we have going on starting 12AM January 3rd CST. We appreciate all of you amazing fans and followers and we wanted to show you some appreciation for the joy you guys give with our small businesses!! <3

Enter below and invite your friends to join in the fun as well!!!

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